Custom Monomers and Tetramers

MBL has been developing and manufacturing MHC tetramer reagents in Japan since 2002. In 2013, we acquired an exclusive sublicense from Beckman Coulter to add the complete iTAg™ MHC tetramer product line to the portfolio and constructed a state-of-the-art GMP facility for tetramer production in Des Plaines, IL. From the start of tetramer development, we have built an extensive knowledge base and gained valuable experience to provide high quality tetramer products and support to our customers.

We can custom manufacture a tetramer or biotinylated monomer based on your needs.

Available alleles

Class I Class II 
A24Kb (chimera)   HLA-B*07:02   DPB1*04:01   DRB1*08:03
A2Kb (chimera)   HLA-B*08:01   DRB1*01:01   DRB1*09:01
BF2*1201   HLA-B*15:01   DRB1*03:01   DRB1*11:01
BF2*1501   HLA-B*27:05   DRB1*04:01   DRB1*15:01
H-2Db   HLA-B*35:01   DRB1*04:05   DRB1*15:02
H-2Dd   HLA-B*40:01   DRB1*07:01   DRB4*01:01
H-2Dk   HLA-B*40:02        
H-2Kb   HLA-B*40:06   Non-Classical MHC
H-2Kd   HLA-B*51:01   HLA-E*01:01   HLA-E*01:03
H-2Kk   HLA-B*52:01        
H-2Ld   HLA-B*54:01        
HLA-A*01:01   HLA-B*57:01        
HLA-A*02:01   HLA-C*01:02        
HLA-A*02:06   HLA-C*03:03        
HLA-A*02:07   HLA-C*03:04        
HLA-A*03:01   HLA-C*04:01        
HLA-A*11:01   HLA-C*08:01        
HLA-A*24:02   HLA-C*12:02        
HLA-A*26:01   HLA-C*15:02        
HLA-A*31:01   Mafa-A1*063