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Rapid and Reliable Custom Tetramer Generation for T Cell Staining

In this webinar, Yuri Poluektov, Ph.D., explores the use of peptide-MHC exchange for generating custom human or mouse tetramers to identify antigen-specific T cells, to gather binding affinity information in MHC/peptide complexes, and in functional screening of immunogenic peptide. This is possible using tetramers that come loaded with a placeholder peptide and a peptide exchange factor, eliminating the need for complex techniques such as UV cleavage and putting the production and evaluation of custom tetramers within reach for any lab.

Dr. Poluektov discusses the applications of this technique in immunology and vaccine development, and reviews the theory and practice of the technology.

Topics include the following:

  • How QuickSwitch™ MHC tetramer can find the right tetramer in just hours
  • Using QuickSwitch™ to precisely customize unique tetramer complexes quickly
  • QuickSwitch’s™ utility in measuring the stability of MHC complexes, which holds promise for steering vaccine development toward targeted solutions

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Speaker: Yuri Poluektov, Ph.D., R&D Scientist at MBL International