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MBLI is proud to introduce an expansion to our

innate immune response detection with 9 new ELISA kits.

The new ELISA kits cover some of the most important innate immune responses:

The complement system which is not only central to innate immune responses but is also a dominant player in adaptive immunity. 

  1. C3c, Human, ELISA Kit: antibody highly specific for an epitope exclusively on C3c
  2. Human gC1qR ELISA kit
  3. Human terminal complement complex (TCC) ELISA kit
  4. Human coagulation factor XII ELISA kit

Acute phase and soluble proteins involved with first line of defense and hallmarks in inflammatory conditions

  1. sCD14 ELISA kit 
  2. Mannose receptor (sMR) ELISA kit 
  3. Human serum amyloid P (SAP) ELISA kit 
  4. Human sTREM-1 ELISA kit 
  5. Human Myeloperoxidase MPO ELISA kit 

Learn more about exciting ELISA kits and try it for yourself today!  Larger quantities are available.

Please contact us about these products, we would be happy to answer all your questions. 

Product Code Product Name  Size
NLK320-01 sCD14, Human, ELISA kit 1x 96 det.
NLK381-01 sMR, Human, ELISA kit 1x 96 det. 
NLK368-01 C3c, Human, ELISA kit 1x 96 det. 
NLK362-01 gC1qR, Human, ELISA kit 1x 96 det. 
NLK-328-01 TCC, Human, ELISA kit 1x 96 det. 
NLK373-01 Coagulation Factor XII, Human, ELISA kit 1x 96 det. 
NLK331-01 SAP, Human, ELISA kit 1x 96 det. 
NLK348-01 sTREM-1, Human, ELISA kit 1x 96 det. 
NLK324-01 MPO, Human, ELISA kit  1x 96 det. 

For Research Use Only.  Not for use in diagnostic procedures.